adverb variously differently.

  1. (abs.) AN.i.138 (on different sides, viz right ↔ left). Snp.878 (= na ekaṁ Snp-a.554 = vividhaṁ aññoññaṁ puthu na ekaṁ Mnd.285), Snp.884 sq.
  2. more frequently in compounds, as first part of adj. or n. where it may be trsld as “different, divers, all kinds of” etc Before a double cons. the final ā is shortened: nānagga (for nānā + agga), nānappakāra etc. see below.
  • -agga (-rasa) all the choicest delicacies Ja.i.266 (˚bhojana, of food); Ja.vi.366; Pv-a.155 (˚dibbabhojana)
  • -ādhimuttikatā diversity of dispositions DN-a.i.44 Ne.98;
  • -āvudhā (pl.) various weapons Ja.i.150;
  • -karaṇa difference, diversity Vin.i.339 (sangha˚); MN.ii.128 cp. Divy.222;
  • -gotta of all kinds of descent Pv.ii.9#16
  • -citta of varying mind Ja.i.295 (itthiyo);
  • -jana all kinds of folk Snp.1102; Mnd.308 (puthu˚);
  • -titthiya of var. sects DN.iii.16 sq.;
  • -pakkāra various, manifold Ja.i.52 (sakuṇā), Ja.i.127, Ja.i.278 (phalāni); DN-a.i.148 (āvudhā); Pv-a.50, Pv-a.123 Pv-a.135;
  • -ratta multi-coloured Snp.287; Ja.vi.230;
  • -rasā (pl. all kinds of dainties Pv.ii.9#11;
  • -vāda difference of opinion DN.i.236;
  • -vidha divers, various, motley Pv-a.53, Pv-a.96 Pv-a.113, and passim;
  • -saṃvāsaka living in a different part or living apart Vin.i.134 sq. (opp. samāna˚), Vin.i.321; Vin.ii.162. Nabhi & Nabhi

Ved. nānā, a redupl. nā (emphatic particle, see na1) “so and so,” i.e. various, of all kinds