shine, splendour, light, lustre, effulgence; appearance. In clairvoyant language also “aura (see Cpd. 2141 with C. expln. “rays emitted from the body on account of insight”)-DN.i.220 (effulgence of light); MN.iii.120, MN.iii.157; AN.ii.130, AN.ii.139; AN.iv.302; Iti.108 (obhāsakara); Pts.i.114, Pts.i.119 (paññā˚); Pts.ii.100, Pts.ii.150 sq. Pts.ii.159, Pts.ii.162; Vism.28, Vism.41; Pv-a.276 (˚ṃ pharati to emit a radiance); Sdhp.325. With nimitta and parikathā at Vism.23; Snp-a.497. See also avabhāsa.

from obhāsati