boiled (milk-)rice, gruel Vin.ii.214 (m.); DN.i.76, DN.i.105; SN.i.82 (nāḷik˚); Dhp-a.iv.17 (id.); AN.iii.49; AN.iv.231; Snp.18; Ja.iii.425 (til˚ m.) Dhs.646, Dhs.740, Dhs.875; Pv-a.73; Vv-a.98; Sdhp.113. Combd. with kummāsa (sour milk) in phrase o-k-upa-caya a heap of boiled rice and sour milk, of the body (see kāya I.) also at MN.i.247.

Sk. odana, to Idg.; *ud, from which also udaka, q.v. for full etym.