putting down, fixing, i.e. boundary, limit, extent Dhp-a.ii.80 (jaṇṇu-mattena odhinā to the extent of the knee, i.e. kneedeep); Dhp-a.iv.204 (id.)
odhiso (adv.) limited, specifically Vb.246; Ne.12; Vism.309. Opp. anodhi MN.iii.219 (˚jina), also in anodhiso (adv.) unlimited, universal general Pts.ii.130, cp. anodissaka (odissaka); also as anodhikatvā without limit or distinction, absolutely Kv.208, and odhisodhiso “piecemeal” Kv.103 (cp. Kvu trsln. 762, 1271).

  • -suṅka “extent of toll”, stake Ja.vi.279 (= sunkakoṭṭhāsaṃ C.).

from odahati, Sk. avadhi, fr. ava + dhā