strength, but only in meaning of strength-giving, nutritive essence (appl; d. to food). MN.i.245 SN.ii.87 SN.v.162 (dhamm’) AN.iii.396 Ja.i.68 Dhs.646 Dhs.740, Dhs.875 Mil.156 Dhp-a.ii.154 (paṭhav˚) ‣See also definition at Vism.450 (referring to kabalinkār’āhāra. The compound form is oja, e.g. ojadāna Ja.v.243 ojaṭṭhamaka (rūpa) Vism.341

Vedic ojas nt., also BSk. oja nt. Divy.105; fr. *aug to increase, as in Lat. auges, augustus & auxilium Goth. aukan (augment), Ags. ēacian; cp. also Gr. ἀέςω Sk. ukṣati & vakṣana increase