adjective lit. “having the top lowered”, with the head squashed in or down, i.e. of compressed & bulging out stature; misshapen, deformed, of ugly shape (Mrs. Rh. D trsls hunchback at SN.i.94, pot-bellied at SN.i.237; Warren Buddhism p. 426 trsls. decrepit). It occurs only in one stock phrase, viz. dubbaṇṇa dud-das(s)ika okoṭimaka “of bad complexion, of ugly appearance and dwarfed” at Vin.ii.90 = SN.i.94 = AN.i.107 = AN.ii.85 = AN.iii.285 sq. = Pp.51. The same also at MN.iii.169; SN.i.237; SN.ii.279; Ud.76.

o + koṭi + mant + ka. Ava in BSk., in formula durvarṇa durdarśana avakoṭimaka Sp. Avs.i.280. Kern (note on above passage) problematically refers it to Sk. avakūṭara = vairūpya (Pāṇini v.2, 30). The Commentary on SN.i.237 explains by mahodara (fat-bellied as well as lakuṇṭaka (dwarf); Pp-a.227 explains by lakuṇṭaka only