holding on to leaning on, supporting oneself by (with acc.); most frequently in phrase daṇḍaṃ olubbha leaning on a stick e.g. MN.i.108 (= daṇḍaṃ olambitvā C.; see MN.i.539); AN.iii.298; Thig.27 (= ālambitvā); Vv-a.105. In other connections: SN.i.118; SN.iii.129; Ja.i.265 (āvāṭa-mukha-vaṭṭiyaṃ); Ja.vi.40 (hatthe); Dhp-a.ii.57 (passaṃ; gloss olambi) Vv-a.217, Vv-a.219.

assimil. form of olumbha which in all likelihood for olambya, ger. of olambati. The form presents difficulties See also Morris, J.P.T.S. 1887, 156