only found in one ster. phrase, viz. onīta-patta-pāṇi “having removed (or removing) his hand from the bowl” a phrase causing constructional difficulties & sometimes taken in glosses as “onitta˚” (fr. nij), i.e. having washed (bowl and hands after the meal). The Cs. expln. as onīto pattato pāṇi yeva, i.e. “the hand is taken away from the bowl”. The spelling is frequently oṇīta, probably through BB sources. See on term also Trenckner, Notes 6624 cp. apa-nīta-pātra at Mvu.iii.142. The expression is always combd. with bhuttāvin “having eaten” and occurs very frequently, e.g. at Vin.ii.147: DN.i.109 (= DN-a.i.277, q.v. for the 2 explains mentioned above MN.ii.50, MN.ii.93; SN.v.384; AN.ii.63; Snp.p.111 (= pattato onītapāṇi, apanītahattha Snp-a.456); Vv-a.118; Pv-a.278.

in form = Sk. avanīta, but semantically = apanīta. Thus also BSk. apanīta, pp. of apa + , see apaneti