adjective below, inferior, posterior. Usually as nt. oraṃ the below, the near side, this world Snp.15; Vv-a.42 (orato abl. from this side)
■ Cases adverbially: acc. oraṃ (with abl. on this side of, below, under, within MN.ii.142; Snp.804 (oraṃ vassasatā); Pv.iv.3#35 (oraṃ chahi māsehi in less th an.6 months or after 6 months; id. p. at Pv.i.10#12 has uddhaṃ); Pv-a.154 (dahato); instr. orena Ja.v.72 abl. orato on this side Mil.210.

  • -pāra the below and the above, the lower & higher worlds Snp.1 (see Snp-a.13 = Cnd.422b and cp. paroparaṃ); Mil.319 (samuddo anorapāro, boundless ocean)
  • -pure (avarapure) below the fortress MN.i.68 (bahinagare +)
  • -mattaka belonging only to this world, mundane; hence trifling, insignificant, little, evanescent Vin.ii.85, Vin.ii.203; Iti.85; DN.i.3; MN.i.449; AN.iv.22; AN.v.157, AN.v.164; Vb.247 Ne.62; Dhp-a.i.203; DN-a.i.55.

compar. formation fr. ava; Vedic avara