adjective being a share of the lower, i e this world, belonging to the kāma world, epithet of the 5 saṃyojanāni (see also saṃyojana) DN.i.156; DN.iii.107, DN.iii.108 DN.iii.132; MN.i.432; Iti.114; Pp.22; Ne.14; Snp-a.13; DN-a.i.313
Note. A curious form of this word is found at Thig.166 orambhāga-manīya, with gloss (Thag-a.158) oraṃ āgamanīya. Probably the bh should be deleted.

ora + bhāga + iya; BSk. avarabhāgīya, e.g. Divy.533