1. a knot (of a stalk), joint, section Vin.iv.35; MN.i.80; Ja.i.245 (veḷu˚); Vism.358 (id.; but nāḷika p. 260); Vb-a.63 (id.); Thag.243-angula˚ finger joint Vin.iv.262, MN.i.187; DN-a.i.285-pabba-pabbaṃ knot for knot Dhs-a.11.
  2. the elbow SN.iv.171.
  3. section, division, part Vism.240 (14 sections of contemplation of the body or kāyagatāsati); Vb-a.275, Vb-a.286.
  • -gaṇṭhi a knot Mil.103.
  • -valli a species of Dūrvā Ja.v.69;
  • -vāta intermittent ague Vin.i.205.

Ved. parvan