1. (m.) a decline, incline, slope Ja.i.348; adj. (usually -˚) bending inclining, sloping; fig. tending or leading to (cp. E “bearing on”) MN.i.493 (samudda˚); SN.i.110 (id.), SN.v.38, SN.v.216, SN.v.219; AN.iv.198 (anupubba˚), AN.iv.224 (viveka˚) Mil.38 (samādhi˚). Very frequent in combination with similar expressions, e.g. ninna, poṇa (cp. Pv-a ninnapoṇa-pabbhāraṃ cittaṃ): see further ref. under ninna with adhimutta & garuka at Vism.117 (Nibbāna˚)-; apabbhara (sic.) not slanting or sloping Ja.v.405 (= samatittha C.).
  2. (m. & nt.) a cave in a mountain Mil.151; Ja.v.440; Dhp-a.ii.59 (nt.), Dhp-a.ii.98.
  • -ṭṭhāna a slope Ja.i.348; Dhs-a.261.
  • -dasaka the decade (period) of decline (in life), which in the enum of the 10 decades (vassadasā) at Ja.iv.397 is given as the seventh.

cp. BSk. prāg-bhāra Divy.80 etc.