to cook, boil, roast Vin.iv.264; fig. torment in purgatory (trs. and intrs.): Niraye pacitvā after roasting in N. SN.ii.225, Pv-a.10, Pv-a.14
ppr pacanto tormenting, gen. pacato (+ Caus. pācayato) DN.i.52 (explained at DN-a.i.159, where read pacato for paccato, by pare daṇḍena pīḷentassa)
pp pakka (q.v.). Caus. pacāpeti & pāceti; (q.v.)
pass paccati to be roasted or tormented (q.v.).

Ved. pacati, Idg. *peqṷō, Av. pac-; Obulg. peka to fry, roast, Lith, kepū bake, Gr. πέσσω cook, πέπων ripe