adjective noun “one who goes toward,” a pupil SN.i.104 (Mārassa); vv.ll. baddhabhū, paṭṭhagū. Windisch, Māra & Buddha; trsls “unter M’s Herrschaft,” and refers paṭṭhagu to Sk. pātyagāḥ. Bdhgh (see Kindred Sayings, 1, p. 319) reads baddhagū and explains by bandhavara sissa antevāsika.

a difficult word, composed of pacca + gū, the latter a by-form of ˚ga, as in paṭṭhagū, vedagū pāragū. pacca may be praṭya, an adv. formn of prep praṭi, and paṭṭha its doublet. It is not certain whether we should read paṭṭhagū here as well (see paṭṭhagū) The form may also be explained as a substantivised pl 3rd pret. of praṭi + gacchati = paccaguṃ