adjective “before the eye,” perceptible to the senses, evident clear, present Dhs-a.254; Pv-a.125; Sdhp.416. Often in obl. cases, viz. instr. -ena personally Ja.i.377; abl -ato from personal experience Ja.v.45, Ja.v.195, Ja.v.281; appaccakkhāya without seeing or direct perception, in expln of paccaya at Vism.532; also in phrase paccakkhato ñatvā having seen or found out for himself, knowing personally Ja.i.262; Ja.iii.168.

  • -kamma making clear, i.e. demonstration, realisation only neg. ; not realising etc. SN.iii.262; Dhs.390 (trsl. “inability to demonstrate”; cp. Dhs-a.254).

paṭi + akkha3, cp. Ved. pratyakṣa