lit. to speak against, i.e. to reject, refuse, disavow, abandon, give up, usually in connection with Buddhaṃ, dhammaṃ sikkhaṃ or similar terms of a religious-moral nature Vin.iii.25; SN.ii.231, SN.ii.271; AN.iv.372
ger paccak- khāya, in foll. conns ācariyaṃ Ja.iv.200; sikkhaṃ Vin.iii.23, Vin.iii.34 (a˚); SN.ii.231; SN.iv.190; Pp.66, Pp.67; sabbaṃ SN.iv.15; ariyasaccaṃ SN.v.428. paccakkhāsi at Ja.v.8 is gloss for pakatthāsi
pp paccakkhāta (q.v.). Intens. paccācikkhati (q.v.).

paṭi + akkhāti = ā + khyā