to be boiled, fig. to be formented or vexed, to suffer. Nearly always applied to the torture of boiling in Niraya, where it is meant literally
■ SN.i.92; SN.v.344 (kālena paccanti read for kāle na p.); AN.i.141 (phenuddehakaṃ p. niraye) Snp.670, Snp.671; Dhp.69, Dhp.119, Dhp.120 (pāpaṃ suffer for sin, cp Dhp-a.iii.14); Ja.v.268; Pv.iv.1#29 (= dukkhaṃ pāpuṇanti Pv-a.228); Pv.iv.3#39 (niraye paccare janā = paccanti Pv-a.255); Dhp-a.iii.64 (expln for tappati).

Pass. of pacati, cp. BSk. pacyate Divy.422