adjective each one, single, by oneself, separate, various several DN.i.49 (itthi); DN.ii.261 (˚vasavattin, of the 10 issaras); SN.i.26 (˚gāthā a stanza each), SN.i.146 (˚brahma an independent Brahma); AN.ii.41 (˚sacca); AN.v.29 (id.) Snp.824 (id.), Snp.1009 (˚gaṇino each one having followers visuṃ visuṃ gaṇavanto Snp-a.583); Ja.iv.114 (˚bodhiñāṇa) Mnd.58 (˚muni); DN-a.i.148 (paccekā itthiyo); Snp-a.52 (˚bodhisatta one destined to become a Paccekabuddha), Snp-a.67 (id.), Snp-a.73 (˚sambodhi), Snp-a.476 (niraya a separate or special purgatory); Pv-a.251 (id.), Sdhp.589 (˚bodhi)- paccekaṃ (adv.) singly, individually, to each one Vv-a.282. See also pāṭekka.

  • -buddha one enlightened by himself, i.e. one who has attained to the supreme and perfect insight, but dies without proclaiming the truth to the world. MN.iii.68; SN.i.92 (“Silent Buddha” translation); Ja.iii.470; Ja.iv.114; Ud.50 (P. Tagarasikhi); Ne.190; Kp-a.178, Kp-a.199; Snp-a.47, Snp-a.58, Snp-a.63; Dhp-a.i.80, Dhp-a.i.171, Dhp-a.i.224, Dhp-a.i.230; Dhp-a.iv.201; Pv-a.144, Pv-a.263, Pv-a.265 (= isi), Pv-a.272, Pv-a.283.

paṭi + eka, cp. BSk. pratyeka Divy.335, Divy.336