1. hindmost, hind-, back-, last (opp. purima), latest DN.i.239; MN.i.23 (˚yāma the last night watch); DN-a.i.45 sq. (id. ˚kicca duties or performances in the 3rd watch, corresp. to purima˚ & majjhima˚) Snp.352; Ja.iv.137 (˚pāda); (˚dvāra); Pv-a.5, Pv-a.75
  2. western (opp. purima or puratthima) DN.i.153 (disā); SN.i.145.
  3. lowest, meanest Vin.ii.108; MN.i.23; SN.ii.203.

Sk. paścima, superl. formation fr. *paśca, cp. pacchato & pacchā