1. to strive, exert DN.iii.221 (cittaṃ paggaṇhāti p.); Pv-a.31 (yoniso p.).
  2. to confront take up, fight against, stand (usīraṃ muñjapubbajaṃ urasā padahessāmi “I shall stand against the grasses with my chest”; C. explains by dvedhā katvā purato gamissāmi, i.e. break and go forward). Note. padahasi at Ja.iv.383 read pade hasi (see Windisch Māra & B.; p. 124 & Morris, J.P.T.S. 1893, 51. Windisch takes padahasi as pa + dah to burn, & translates “du willst das Feuer brennen,” i.e. you attempt something impossible, because the fire will burn you)

pp pahita (q.v.).

pa + dhā