1. “to the right,” in phrase padakkhiṇaṃ karoti (with acc. of object) to hold (a person, etc.) to one’s right side, i.e. to go round so as to keep the right side turned to a person, a mode of reverential salutation Vin.i.17; SN.i.138; AN.i.294 AN.ii.21, AN.ii.182; AN.iii.198; Snp.1010; Ja.i.50, Ja.i.60; Ja.iii.392.
  2. “(prominent) with the right,” i.e. skilful, clever quick in learning Ja.iv.469 (= susikkhita C.).
  3. lucky auspicious, turning out well or favourable Ja.v.353 (= sukha-nipphattin vuddhi-yutta C.).

-ggāhin “right-handed,” i.e. cleverly taking up (what is taught), good at grasping or understanding AN.iii.79, AN.iii.180, AN.v.24 sq., AN.v.90, AN.v.338; Dhp-a.ii.105
■ Opp appadakkhiṇaggāhin “left-handed,” unskilled, untrained (cp. Ger. “linkisch”) SN.ii.204 sq.; Ja.iii.483 -ggāhitā skilfulness, quick grasp, cleverness Kp-a.148.

pa + dakkhiṇa