resolute, intent, energetic; only in cpd. pahitatta of resolute will (cp. BSk. prahitātman Divy.37) MN.i.114; SN.i.53 (explained by bdhgh with wrong derivation fr. peseti as “pesit-atta” thus identifying pahita1 & pahita2, see K.S. 320); SN.ii.21, SN.ii.239; SN.iii.73 sq. SN.iv.60, SN.iv.145, SN.v.187, AN.ii.14, AN.iii.21, AN.iv.302 sq.; AN.v.84; Snp.425, Snp.432 sq., Snp.961; Iti.71; Mnd.477; Thig.161 (explained at Thag-a.143, with the same mistake as above, as pesita citta); Mnd.477 (id.; pesit-atta); Mil.358, Mil.366, Mil.406.

pp. of padahati


sent Ja.i.86 (sāsana); Dhp-a.ii.242; Dhp-a.iii.191 (interchanging with pesita).

pp. of pahiṇati