an eyelash unsally as adj.: having eyelashes (-˚) DN.ii.18 (go˚) SN.i.132 (˚antarikāyaṃ between the lashes); Ja.v.216 (visāla˚ for alārapamha T.); Thag-a.255 (dīgha˚ for āyatapamha Thig.383); Vv-a.162, Vv-a.279.

Ved. pakṣman, diaeretic form for the contracted form pamha, the latter prepondering in poetry while pakhuma is mostly found in prose. Similar doublets are sukhuma & saṇha; as regards etym. cp Av. pasnem eyelid, Gr. πέκτω to comb, πόκος fleece, Lat pecto to comb, pecten comb, Ohg. fahs hair