1. to put down into (with loc. of receptacle), place into, enclose in (often used for ceremony of putting a corpse into a shell or mount) DN.ii.162 (tela-doṇiyā Bhagavato sarīraṃ p.); SN.ii.85; Ja.ii.210 (mukhe); Mil.247 (Amat’ osadhaṃ); Pv-a.41 (atthikāni thūpe p.) Dhp-a.i.71 (the corpse into the fire).
  2. to throw into hurl into, in Niraya-passage at MN.iii.183 = AN.i.141 Cnd.304#iii; cp. nikkhipati.
  3. (fig.) to include in insert, arrange, interpolate Mil.13 (Abhidhammapiṭakaṃ kusalā dhammā, akusalā dh., avyākatā dh. ti tīsu padesu p.)

caus 2 pakkhipāpeti Ja.i.467; DN-a.i.136
pp pakkhitta (q.v.).

pa + kṣip, in sense of putting down carefully cp. nikkhipati & BSk. prakṣipati to start a ship Divy.334