obstruction, hindrance, obstacle, impediment, drawback Ja.i.148; Ja.iii.241 (a non-obstruction), Ja.iii.381 (id.); Ne.80; also in var. phrases viz. kāma˚ Cnd.374 (+ kāmapariḷāha); kula˚ cīvara Cnd.68, cp. Mil.388 (kule p.); ghar’āvāsa˚, putta-dāro etc. Mnd.136; Cnd.172#a B, 205, cp. Ja.ii.95 (ghara˚); Kp-a.39 (enumerated as set of dasa palibodhā which are also given and explained in detail at Vism.90 sq.); cp. Dhs-a.168, and in combination laggana bandhana p. Cnd.332, Cnd.620. Two palibodhas are referred to at Vin.i.265, viz. āvāsa˚ and cīvara˚ (cp. Vin. Texts ii.157) and sixteen at Mil.11. Cp. Cpd. 53
■ The minor obstacles (to the practice of kammaṭṭhāna) are described as khuddaka˚ at Vism.122 & referred to at Dhs-a.168
■ See also sam˚.

see palibuddhati