1. a cross-bar Vin.ii.154; Thig.263 (vaṭṭa˚ = parighadaṇḍa Thag-a.211); Ja.ii.95;
  2. an obstacle, hindrance DN.ii.254 = SN.i.27

■ (adj) (-˚) in two phrases okkhitta˚; with cross-bars erected or put up DN.i.105 (= ṭhapita˚ DN-a.i.274), opp. ukkhitta˚; with cross-bars (i.e. obstacles) withdrawn or removed MN.i.139 = AN.iii.84 = Cnd.284 C.; Snp.622 (= avijjā-palighassa ukkhittattā Snp-a.467); cp. parikhā.

  • -parivattika turning round of the bar the “Bar Turn,” a kind of punishment or torture (consisting in “a spike being driven from ear to ear he is pinned to the ground” Hardy, E.M. 32, cp. Mil trsl. i.277; MN.i.87 = AN.i.47 = AN.ii.122 = Mnd.154 = Cnd.604 B (reads palingha, variant reading paligha) = Mil.197.

pari + gha of (g)han, cp. P. & Sk. parigha