1. sitting cross-legged, in instr.; pallaṅkena upon the hams SN.i.124, SN.i.144; and in phrase pallaṅkaṃ ābhujati “to bend (the legs) in crosswise” DN.i.71; MN.i.56; AN.iii.320; Ja.i.17, Ja.i.71; Pts.i.176; Pp.68; Mil.289; Dhp-a.ii.201
    ■ This phrase is explained at Vism.271 and Vb-a.368 as “samantato ūru-baddh’ āsanaṃ bandhati.”
  2. a divan, sofa, couch Vin.ii.163, Vin.ii.170 (cp. Vin. Texts iii.209, which is to be corrected after Dial. i.12); DN.i.7; SN.i.95; Ja.i.268; Ja.iv.396; Ja.v.161; Vv.31#1; Pv.ii.12#7; Pv.iii.3#2; Dhp-a.i.19; Pv-a.189, Pv-a.219.

pary + anka, cp. Class Sk. palyanka & Māgadhī paliyanka