1. to let loose, give out, emit Snp.973 (vācaṃ; = sampamuñcati Mnd.504) Ja.i.216 (aggiṃ).
  2. to shake off, give up, shed Dhp.377 (pupphāni). Perhaps also in phrase saddhaṃ p. to renounce one’s faith, although the interpretation is doubtful (see Morris, J.P.T.S. 1885, 46 sq. & cp; Dial. ii.33) Vin.i.7 = DN.ii.39 = SN.i.138 (C. vissajjati, as quoted KS p. 174).
  3. to deliver, free Snp.1063 (kathan kathāhi = mocehi uddhara etc. Cnd.407#a), 1146 (pamuñcassu = okappehi etc. Cnd.407#b)

pass pamuccati to be delivered or freed SN.i.24, SN.i.173; Snp.80 Snp.170 sq. (dukkhā); Dhp.189 (sabbadukkhā), Dhp.276 (fut pamokkhati), Dhp.291 (dukkhā), Dhp.361
pp pamutta (q.v.)-Caus. pamoceti to remove, liberate, deliver, set free SN.i.143, SN.i.154, SN.i.210; Thig.157 (dukkhā); Cp.ii.7#5; Cp.iii.10#3 sq. Caus. ii. pamuñcāpeti to cause to get loose DN-a.i.138.

pa + muñcati of muc