1. measure, size, amount SN.ii.235; AN.i.88; AN.iii.52, AN.iii.356 sq.; AN.v.140 sq. Mil.285 (cp. trsl. ii.133, n. 2); Snp-a.137; Vv-a.16; Pv-a.55 (ghaṭa˚), Pv-a.70 (ekahattha˚), Pv-a.99 (tālakkhandha˚;), Pv-a.268 (sīla˚).
  2. measure of time, compass, length duration Pv-a.136 (jīvitaṃ paricchinna ˚ṃ); esp. in cpd. āyu˚ age SN.i.151; AN.i.213; AN.ii.126 sq. and passim (cp. āyu).
  3. age (often by Com. taken as “worldly characteristic,” see below rūpa˚ and cp. Cnd.406 on Snp.1076); Dhp-a.i.38.
  4. limit Pv-a.123, Pv-a.130 (dhanassa).
  5. (applied meaning) standard, definition, description, dimension SN.iv.158≈ Snp.1076 (perhaps (“age”). pamāṇaṃ karoti set an example Dhp-a.iii.300 (maṃ p. katvā)
    ■ adj. (-˚) of characteristic of the character of, measuring or measured by, taking the standard of, only in cpd. rūpa˚ measuring by (appearance or) form, or held in the sphere of form (defined or Pp-a.229 as “rūpa-ppamāṇ’ ādisu sampattiyuttaṃ rūpaṃ pamāṇaṃ karotī ti”) AN.ii.71 = Pp.53 Cnd.406

appamāṇa without a measure, unlimited immeasurable, incomparable DN.i.31; DN.ii.12 (+ uḷāra) MN.iii.145 (ceto-vimutti); AN.i.183, AN.i.192; AN.ii.73; AN.iii.52 AN.v.299 sq., AN.v.344 sq.; Snp.507; Pv-a.110 (= atula). See also appamāṇa.

-kata taken as standard, set as example, being the measure, in phrase p
■ kataṃ kammaṃ DN.i.251; SN.iv.322.

of pa + , Vedic pramāṇa