to come or go (by) a road, roadway, path SN.i.18 (gen. pl. panthānaṃ kantāramagga C; “jungle road” trsl.); Snp.121 (loc panthasmiṃ); Cnd.485 B (+ patha in expln of magga) Mil.157 (see panthaṃ)

  • - a traveller (lit. going by road) SN.i.212 (variant reading addhagū, as at id. p. Thig.55); Ja.iii.95 (variant reading).
  • -ghāta highway robbery Ja.i.253; Ja.iv.184.
  • -duhana waylaying robbery; m. a robber DN.i.135 (see DN-a.i.296); Ja.ii.281 Ja.ii.388; DN.iii.68, and Tikp.280 (˚dūhana).
  • -dūbhin a highwayman Ja.ii.327.
  • -dūsaka a robber Mil.20.
  • -devatā a way spirit, a spirit presiding over a road, road-goddess
  • -makkaṭaka a (road) spider Mil.364, Mil.407
  • -sakuṇa a “road-bird,” i.e. a bird offered (as a sacrifice) to the goddess presiding over the roads, propitiation; it is here to be understood as a human sacrifice (vv.ll. pattha˚ & bandha˚).

base panthan˚, Ved. panthāḥ, with bases path˚ panth˚ and pathi. Same as patha (q.v.). For etym cp. Gr. πόντος sea(-path), πάτος path, Av. pantā˚, also Goth. finpan = E. find, of Idg *pent.