1. a splinter piece, fragment, chip Vin.ii.193 (read tato pap.˚) AN.iv.70 sq. (of ayophāla); Ja.v.333 (same as Vin passage); Mil.179.
  2. the outer dry bark or crust of a tree, falling off in shreads; also shoots, sprouts MN.i.78 MN.i.192 sq., MN.i.488; AN.i.152; AN.iii.19 sq., AN.iii.44, AN.iii.200, AN.iii.360; AN.iv.99 AN.iv.336; AN.v.4 sq., AN.v.314 sq.; Ja.iii.491. Cp. pheggu.

cp. Sk. prapāṭikā (lexic. & gram.) young shoot, sprout; and parpharīka (RV.) one who tears to pieces; also Sk. parpaṭa Name of a plant