adjective finding pleasure in, fond of, only in two (doubtful) compounds viz. -vutta [unexplained, perhaps v for y, as daya → dava through influence of d in parada˚; thus = parata yutta?] “fond of being prepared,” adapted, apt, active alert; only in one stock phrase (which points to this form as being archaic and probably popular etymology, thus distorting its real derivation), viz. appossukka pannaloma + Vin.ii.184 (Vin. Texts iii.232 trsl. “secure,” cp. Vin.ii.363); MN.i.450; MN.ii.121 (variant reading BB paradatta˚), -and -samācāra living a good (active) life MN.i.469.

for uparada (?) = uparata, pp. of upa + ram