gone on to, affected with, overcome by (-˚), syn. with abhibhūta (e.g. Pv-a.41, Pv-a.80). Very frequent in combination with terms of suffering, misadventure and passion, e.g. khudā˚, ghamma˚, jighacchā˚ dukkha˚, dosa˚, rāga˚, soka˚, sneha˚, Vin.i.5; DN.ii.36; MN.i.13, MN.i.114, MN.i.364, MN.i.460; MN.iii.14, MN.iii.92; SN.ii.110; SN.iii.93 SN.iv.28; AN.i.147 = Iti.89; AN.iii.25, AN.iii.96; Snp.449, Snp.736, Snp.818 (= samohita samannāgata pihita Mnd.149), Snp.1092, Snp.1123; Ja.iii.157; Pv.i.8#6; Pv.ii.2#4; Mil.248; Pv-a.61, Pv-a.93.

pp. of pareti, more likely para + i than pari + i, although BSk. correspondent is parīta, e.g. śokaparīta Jtm.31#94