1. penetrated, supplied, filled with, trained, set DN.ii.81 (saddhā-p. cittaṃ, sīla etc.; trsl. “set round with,” cp. Dial. ii.86), cp. SN.v.369; Snp.23 (cittaṃ p.; Snp-a.37 saṃvāsiya); Mil.361; Pv-a.139 (˚aya bhāvanāya codito).
  2. compounded of, mixed with Ja.i.380, cp. Ja.iv.407; Pv-a.191.
  3. fostered treated, practised Mil.394 (bhesajjena kāyaṃ) Pv-a.257.
  4. sat on (said of eggs), being hatched MN.i.104; SN.iii.153; AN.iv.125 sq., AN.iv.176.

pp. of paribhāveti