to move about, in var. senses, viz.

  1. to go about, look after AN.iii.94 (upaṭṭhahati + Ja.v.421; Pv-a.175.
  2. to worship (only in connection aggin p. to worship the fire) DN.i.101; SN.i.166; Dhp.107; Ja.i.494; Snp.p.79 (= payirupāsati Snp-a.401).
  3. to roam about, to feast one’s senses, to amuse oneself play, sport Pv-a.77 (indriyāni = kīḷāmi Pv.ii.1#21)

■ We often find reading pariharati for paricarati, e.g. at Dhp-a.ii.232; cp. paricāreti for ˚hāreti Pv-a.175; paricaraṇā for ˚haraṇā Pv-a.219

pp pariciṇṇa; Caus paricāreti (q.v.).

pari + carati