1. exact determination, circumscription range, definition, connotation, measure Ja.iii.371; Vism.184 (as one of the nimittas of the body), Vism.236 (referring to the 5 nimittas of the life-principle); Snp-a.160, Snp-a.229 Snp-a.231, Snp-a.376, Snp-a.408, Snp-a.503; Kp-a.182 (gaṇana˚); Vv-a.194 (id.) Dhs-a.3; Dhp-a.ii.73 (avadhi˚); Pv-a.254 (kāla˚), Pv-a.255 (āyuno p.); Vb-a.417 (citta˚, for citta-paricce ñãṇa Vb.330).
  2. limit, boundary Mil.131, Mil.405; Ja.iii.504 (˚nadī-tīra).
  3. limitation, restriction Dhp-a.ii.88, Dhp-a.ii.98; Pv-a.20 (˚ṃ karoti to restrict).
  4. division (of time), in ratti˚ & divā˚;, night- & day-division Vism.416.
  5. (town)-planning, designing Vb-a.331.

fr. pari + chid; late Sk: (philos.) in same meaning