gathered, accumulated, collected, increased, augmented MN.iii.97; SN.i.116; SN.ii.264; SN.iv.200; AN.ii.67 sq., AN.ii.185; AN.iii.45, AN.iii.152, AN.iv.282, AN.iv.300; AN.v.23; Thag.647; Pts.i.172 (explained); Pv-a.67 Sdhp.409.

pp. of pari + ci, cinoti, P. cināti


known, scrutinized, accustomed acquainted or familiar with, constantly practised Vin.ii.95 (vācasā p.), Vin.ii.109 (aggi˚ etc. read aggiparijita); Thag-a.52; Mil.140 (iddhipādā p.); Dāvs iv.19
aparicita unfamiliar Dhp-a.i.71.

pp. of pari + ci, ciketi, P. cināti; but perhaps identical with paricita1