1. wrapping round, enclosing Thag.419 (? cp. Brethren 217 n. 6).
  2. taking up, seizing on, acquiring, acquisition, also in bad sense of “grasping” Snp.779 (= taṇhā and diṭṭhi˚ Mnd.57) Pts.i.172; Pts.ii.182 (nekkhamma˚ etc.); Mnd.11 (itthi acquiring a wife);; Mil.244 (āhara˚ abstinence in food), Mil.313 (id.).
  3. belongings, property, possessions DN.ii.58; DN.iii.289 = AN.iv.400; MN.i.137 (quoted at Mnd.122); SN.i.93; Snp.805; Ja.iv.371;; Pv-a.76 (˚bhūta belonging to, the property of); Vv-a.213, Vv-a.321 sa˚; with all (its) belongings SN.i.32.
  4. a wife Thag-a.271; Pv-a.161 (kata˚ wedded), Pv-a.282; Thag-a.271. sapariggaha → apariggaha married → unmarried (in general with ref. to the man as well as the woman) DN.i.247; Ja.iv.190;,
  5. grace, favour DN-a.i.241 (āmisa˚ material grace).

fr. pari + gṛh