1. attention, care (esp -), in compounds like gabbha˚; care of the foetus Dhp-a.i.4; dāraka˚; care of the infant Ja.ii.20; kumāra˚; looking after the prince Ja.i.148, Ja.ii.48; Dhp-a.i.346; dup˚; hard to protect Ja.i.437; Vism.95 (Majjhimo d. hard to study?
  2. honour, privilege, dignity Vin.i.71; Ja.iv.306 (gārava˚;).
  3. surrounding (lit.), circuit of land Ja.iv.461.
  4. surrounding (fig.), attack; in cpd visama˚; being attacked by adversities AN.ii.87; Cnd.304#ic; Mil.112, Mil.135.
  5. avoidance, keeping away from Ja.i.186.
  • -patha “circle road,” i.e. 1 a roundabout way Dhp-a.ii.192. 2 encircling game DN.i.6 = Vin.ii.10 (explained as “bhūmiyaṃ nānāpathaṃ maṇḍalaṃ katvā tattha pariharitabbaṃ pariharantānaṃ kīḷanaṃ” DN-a.i.85 trsld as “keeping going over diagrams” Dial. i.10 with remark “a kind of primitive hop-scotch”).

fr. pari + hṛ; cp. pariharati