“doing round,” i.e. doing up, viz (1.) arrangement, getting up, preparation Vin.ii.106 (˚ṃ kārāpeti), Vin.ii.117 (geruka˚ plastering with red chalk), Vin.ii.151 (id.). parikammaṃ karoti to make (the necessary) preparation, to set to work Vism.395 and passim (with ref. to iddhi). Usually in form parikammakata arranged, prepared Vin.ii.175 (bhūmi), as “with,” viz. geruka˚ plastered with red chalk Vin.i.48 Vin.ii.209; lākhā˚ Ja.iii.183; Ja.iv.256; su˚; beautifully arranged or prepared, fitful, well worked Mil.62 (dāru), Mil.282 (maṇiratana); Vv-a.188. In special sense used with ref. to jhāna, as kasiṇa˚; processes whereby jhāna is introduced, preparations for meditation Ja.i.141 Ja.iv.306; Ja.v.162, Ja.v.193; Dhs-a.168; cp. Cpd. 54; Dhp-a.i.105 (2.) service, attention, attending Vin.i.47; Vin.ii.106, Vin.ii.220; SN.i.76; Thig.376 (= veyyāvacca Thag-a.253); Pp.56; Dhp-a.i.96, Dhp-a.i.333, chiefly by way of administering ointments etc. to a person, cp. Ja.v.89; Dhp-a.i.250. sarīra˚ attending the body DN-a.i.45, DN-a.i.186; Snp-a.52.

  • -kāraka one who ministers to or looks after a person attendant; one who makes preparations Thig.411 (f-ikā = paricārikā Thag-a.267); Ja.i.232.

pari + kamma