1. sojourn; stay, in phrase vipassanā˚; Dhp-a.iii.118; Dhs-a.215.
  2. period under probation, (living under) probation Vin.iii.186 (˚ṃ vasati, cp. parivuttha), Vin.iv.30; SN.ii.21 (˚ṃ vasati). -ṃ deti to allow probation Vin.i.49; Vin.ii.7; Vin.iv.30, Vin.iv.127; -ṃ yācati to ask for probation Vin.iv.30, Vin.iv.127
    samodhāna˚; inclusive probation Vin.ii.48 sq.; suddhanta˚ probation of complete purification Vin.ii.59 sq.
  3. period, time (lit. stay) interval, duration Ud.7 (eka-ratti˚).
  • -dāna the allowance of probation AN.i.99.

fr. pari + vas2, cp. Epic Sk. parivāsa only in meaning 1