to seek for, look, search, desire DN.i.223 (˚esamāna ppr.); Snp.482 (id.); SN.i.177, SN.i.181 SN.iv.62; AN.ii.23, AN.ii.25, AN.ii.247; Mnd.262; Cnd.427 (+ paṭilabhati and paribhuñjati); Ja.i.3, Ja.i.138; Mil.109, Mil.313; Dhp-a.iii.263 (ppr. ˚esanto); Pv-a.31; Sdhp.506

grd ˚esitabba SN.ii.130;
inf ˚esituṃ Snp-a.316; and ˚eṭṭhuṃ (conj. ˚iṭṭhuṃ?) Snp.289 (cp. Snp-a.316 which gives reading ˚eṭṭhuṃ as gloss);
ger ˚esitvā Snp-a.317, Snp-a.414
pp pariyesita & pariyiṭṭha; (q.v.). Cp. for similar formation & meaning; ajjhesati with pp. ajjhesita ajjhiṭṭha
■ Cp. vi˚.

pari + esati, cp. BSk. paryeṣate to investigate Avs.i.339. The P. word shows confusion between esati & icchati, as shown by double forms ˚iṭṭhuṃ etc See also anvesati