1. “gone completely into,” included in, belonging to, got into Vin.i.46 (patta˚ that which has been put into the bowl); DN.i.45 (= ābaddha DN-a.i.127); Snp-a.397 (milakkhabhāsa˚ etc.); Kp-a.136 (vinaya˚), Kp-a.191 (sangha˚) Dhp-a.i.158 (idhaloka-paraloka˚); Pv-a.14, Pv-a.33, Pv-a.59, Pv-a.129 (devaloka˚), Pv-a.150.
  2. accomplished (i.e. gone into the matter), thorough, mastering (said of vācā) SN.ii.280 = AN.ii.51.
  3. (˚ā dhammā) the Included, viz. all that is contained in the threefold cycle of existence (i.e. the worlds of sense, form & formless) Dhs.1268 Vb.12, Vb.15, Vb.19 & passim; Dhs-a.50. Opp. apariyāpannā (dhammā) the Unincluded (viz. all that is exempt from this cycle) Pts.i.101; Dhs.583 (cp. Dhs translation 165, 254, 329, 332), Dhs.992, Dhs.1242; Kv.507.

pari + āpanna, cp. adhipanna