1. to change (trs. & intrs.), lit. to bend round, to turn (round), to be transformed into (acc.) SN.iii.3 (reading pariṇamati once, at other passages vi˚, cp. p. 40); Mil.136 (bhojanaṃ visamaṃ p food changes, i.e. turns bad), Mil.277 (id.); Vv-a.13; Pv-a.144 (for parivattati Pv.ii.10#5), Pv.ii.10#194 (id. Pv.iii.4#4).
  2. to change into a diff. state, to ripen, mature (often said of the foetus) Mil.93, Mil.358

pp pariṇata (q.v.). Caus. pariṇāmeti (q.v.).

pari + namati