to defeat, conquer; in gambling: to make lose, beat Pv-a.151 (sahassaṃ p by 1,000 coins)
aor parāji in 3rd pl. ˚jiṃsu, only in one stock phrase referring to the battle of the Gods Titans, viz. at DN.ii.285 = MN.i.253 (˚jiniṃsu) = SN.i.221 SN.i.224 (variant reading ˚jiniṃsu) = AN.iv.432 (˚jiyiṃsu, with variant reading ˚jiniṃsu), where a Pass. is required (“were defeated lost”) in opp. to jiniṃsu, and the reading ˚jiyiṃsu as aor. pass. is to be preferred
pass -jīyati to be defeated, to suffer defeat SN.i.221 (Pot. parājeyya, but form is Active); Ja.i.290; and parajjhati (1st pl. parajjhāma) Ja.ii.403; aor. parājiyi: see above parāji
pp parājita (q.v.).

parā + jeti of ji, cp. jayati