1. clear, bright Snp.550 (˚netta); Kp-a.64 & Kp-a.65 (˚tilatelavaṇṇa, where Vism.262 reads vippasanna˚); Vism.409 (id.).
  2. happy gladdened, reconciled, pleased Ja.i.151, Ja.i.307; Vism.129 (muddha˚).
  3. pleased in one’s conscience, reconciled believing, trusting in (loc.), pious, good, virtuous AN.iii.35 (Satthari, dhamme sanghe); SN.i.34 (Buddhe), SN.v.374; Vv.5#9; Snp.698; Dhp.368 (Buddha-sāsane) Ja.ii.111; Dhp-a.i.60 (Satthari). Often combined with saddha (having faith) Vin.ii.190; Pv-a.20, Pv-a.42 (a˚), and in cpd. -citta devotion in one’s heart Vin.i.16; A; Snp.316, Snp.403, Snp.690; Pv.ii.1#6; Snp-a.490; Pv-a.129 or -mānasa Snp.402; Vv-a.39; Pv-a.67; cp. pasannena manasā SN.i.206; Dhp.2. See also abhippasanna vippasanna.

pp. of pasīdati


flowing out, streaming, issuing forth; in assu-pasannaṃ shedding of tears SN.ii.179.

pp. of pa + syad