attached to (acc. or loc.), intent upon (-˚), pursuing, doing DN.i.135 (kamma˚); Snp.57 (see Cnd.427), Snp.709, Snp.774, Snp.940, Dhp.166, Dhp.181; Vism.135 (doing a hundred & one things: aneka-kicca˚); Dhp-a.iii.160; Pv-a.151 (puñña-kammesu), Pv-a.175 (kīḷanaka˚), Pv-a.195, Pv-a.228 (pāpa˚).

pp. of pa + or si, Sk. prasita, on change of i to u see Geiger,

Pali Grammar

§ 19#3. In meaning confounded with pasavate of pa + su