1. to cause to move forwards, to let or make go, to give up (pasāraya, imper.)-Pass. pasāriyati Vism.318; Pv-a.240 (are turned out of doors).
  2. to stretch out, hold out or forth, usually with ref. to either arm (bāhuṃ, bāhaṃ, bāhā) SN.i.137 (opp. sammiñjeti); DN-a.i.196; Pv-a.112, Pv-a.121; or hand (hatthaṃ) Ja.v.41;; Pv-a.113; or feet (pāde pādaṃ) Thig.44, Thig.49, cp. Thag-a.52; Dhs-a.324 (= sandhiyo paṭippanāmeti).
  3. to lay out, put forth, offer for sale Vin.ii.291; Dhp-a.ii.89

pp pasārita (q.v.) Cp. abhi˚

Caus. of pa + sṛ.