Paṭissā & Patissā

feminine deference, obedience, only in cpd. sappaṭissa (q.v. obedient, deferential Iti.10 (sappatissa); Vv.84#41 (cp Vv-a.347), & appaṭissa disobedient, not attached to SN.i.139; SN.ii.224 sq.; AN.ii.20; AN.iii.7, AN.iii.247, AN.iii.439; Ja.ii.352 (˚vāsa anarchy; reading t); Pv-a.89.

paṭi + śru, cp. paṭissuṇāti & paṭissāvin; in BSk. we find pratīsā which if legitimate would refer the word to a basis different than śru. The form occurs in cpd. sapratīśa respectful Divy; also Mvu.i.516; Mvu.ii.258; besides as sapratisa Mvu.iii.345