Patiṭṭhahati & Patiṭṭhāti

to stand fast or firmly, to find a support in (loc.), to be established (intrs.), to fix oneself, to be set up, to stay; aor. patiṭṭhahi Dhp-a.iii.175 (sotāpattiphale), Pv-a.42 (id.), Pv-a.66 (id.); Vv-a.69 (sakadāgāmiphale); and patiṭṭhāsi Mil.16
fut -ṭṭhahissati Ja.v.458 (˚hessati); Dhp-a.iii.171-ger. patiṭṭhāya Snp.506; Ja.ii.2 (rajje); Ja.iii.52; Ja.v.458 (rajje); Mil.33; Pv-a.142
pp patiṭṭhita (q.v.). Caus. patiṭṭhāpeti (q.v.).

paṭi + sthā